Hamburg, 1940. Johannes Matthaus, a german soldier departs to the front giving hope and optimism to his wife and daughter, who´d come to farewell him at the train station. He is confident that he will come back, but after four years, the reality is quite different. He finds himself in a battlehardened platoon in the iced fields of Russia, close to the Stonian border. There, although having lost most of his believe in the Fuhrer, they live intensively every moment. Without forgetting their enemies, who are armed with an incredible valour and hardly pressured from Stalin, are so fearce and able to put their lifes in trobule at a cost of a neverending casualty rates.

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Red Army:

The sniper soldier Masha, known among the comrades as cold blooded, resolutely and careless for anything but fighting, is sended together with her squad to a new sector with the mission of making as much trouble as possible to the germans. She and her mates, all battlehardened snipers after many missions, will strike on to the germans in the less expected ways, with the target of not only reduce their numbers, but also to kill their moral. Her squad will be reinforced with Katya, a young sniper who came after Stalin´s call and who with her lively character and her optimism, will shake Masha´s world view.


Seargent Hilgendag is known for commanding a platoon that always returned from all the mess it´s been sent to. He and his soldiers, all veterans and condecorated men, are the most popular of the company. When an elite russian squad beggins to cause some hard trouble in a certain sector of the city, Hilgendag and his men are sended to face the annoying russians. For that purpose he counts, together with the others, on a sniper called Matthaus and hopes for success in his mission in the chaotic city.

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