Tot un món - Manga - Televisió de Catalunya (07/11/2010)

More than 65.000 people visited the Manga festival in Barcelona. In this report, the team of " Tot un món " goes into it to talk with Jun Matsuura, a comic artist from a japanese father and catalan mother. An author who bets for a realistic and european drawing style. Matsuura has also been working as Storyboard artist in spanish well kown movies as " La Caja kovak " and " Rec 2 ". Together with him we find Israel López Escudero, Storyboard teacher, and director of the documentary about the graphic novel " Frau Tovarich ", the first work from Matsuura. Together they talk about the Manga´s roots, and about the influence that cinema did bring in many comics of international success.

Documentary 'Creando Frau Tovarich' - 2011

Documentary "Creando Frau Tovarich", directed by Israel L. Escudero, shows the creative process behind a graphic novel, from the drawing of the very first panels to the day the book is out.

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