Wellcome to my website !

I'm Jun and I'm handrawing Artist.

Born in Barcelona, I've always encouraged myself to reach the objective of working in what I like, through exploring all the different fields I find in the way. As many of my mates in this job, I´ve been combining different kind of works: books´s cover illustrations, design of illustrations for corporative web sites and storyboards for movies, which has been my most frequent working area. I use my spare time to work on my own Graphic novel projects ("Frau Tovarich", published by La Cupula in 2009 and it's sequel, provisionally entitled "Lili Marleen", which will also be published by La Cupula).

Some of the movies I´ve worked in are: the "Rec" saga (2nd, 3rd and 4th episodes), "Mientras duermes", "A 3 metros sobre el cielo", "Tengo ganas de ti", "Floquet de Neu", "Los últimos días", "Herois", "Frágiles", "Los ojos de Julia" and "The Kovak box", among many others.

My work is mainly based in pencil drawing techniques, as I like the idea of carrying always with me everything I need to draw wherever I am (I just need to find a pencil and some paper!). I guess this is also the way I offer some resistance against the (non despicable, but less romantic) artistic possibilities offered by a full equiped computer. Of course that does not mean that I reject technology, but I still believe that the base of drawing still lays in spontaneous sketches over a dirty paper.

I Currently live in Osaka, where I try to find my own way, keep on working on my graphic novel, and occasionally give spanish lessons to japanise people.

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